Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend with Grandparents

SCHOOL'S OUT and I am done with 4th grade. I will miss my teacher Miss Whitacre. But I get to move on to 5th grade and I am excited to see what my teacher is next year.
When I got home I had to pack, clean, and have my shoes to go to my grandparents house for the week. It felt like it took hours to get their. [But I took a cat nap]. This is what I did this weekend........

My weekend with Grandparents:

Friday night:
-arrived at grandparents house
-had pizza that we got on the way
-me and my brother Jacob went swimming
-got dried off and changed
-watched some TV to 10:00 P.M.

-had a great breakfast [eggs, bacon, sausage, juice, and french toast].

-went swimming
-played UNO with grandma
-watched TV
-watched my baby brother Jay
-went swimming again
-watched some more TV

-woke up
-watched TV
-played with baby
-rode lawn mower
-had fun.

That's my first weekend of Summer break. IT WAS AWESOME!!
I can't wait to I am able to sleep in for 2 months. Also it's my
birthday on June 24. I am so excited. My mom might get me the
Wii Speak. I love this Summer so far.

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Anonymous said...

It was awesome having you here this weekend. What a beautiful young lady you are! Every single minute was perfect. Thanks for spending special time with me. Love, Grammy Peggy