Thursday, May 15, 2008

Medieval Mayhem

Did you ever ride on a bus that has a toilet? When I got to school I had a spelling test but...There was a pre-test if you pass the pre-test you do not have to take the spelling test. I past the pre-test so I did not have to take the spelling test. Then, I went to the buses with my chaperon. We're off to Medieval Times! It took a very long time to get there. We walked to the castle to go in to see the program. The program took 2 hours. But it was exciting to me at least. There were many different color knights. After the program we went to Medieval Times village we saw the dungeon, weavers, craft workers. After the village we waited for kids that had to go to the bathroom. Then we went to the fancy buses[with a toilet]. On the way there and the way back we saw Cars. We got back at 3:30 PM. My baby brother was very pleasant when he saw me and my older brother. We stopped at McDonald's For some food. When I got home I had to get ready for my soccer practice my new coach is going to the tournament with me and Daron. My coach is really nice. After soccer practice we stopped at my mom's friends house we took care of his cats because he is in another country...London for his job. When I got home I was exhausted from all the things I did today. That was my day today.

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rairie said...

I was impressed with your blog and enjoyed hearing about your day. It sounded like fun